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Caricature Cinema® 's network of artists offer the widest variety of artwork and pricing to fill
any need… from an individual caricature from your chosen photo to a live group caricature at a
business event… to a worldwide product  promotion demonstrating a new tablet device,
Caricature Cinema® is the number one company in providing multiple artists at remote events

In the crowded marketplace of  artists and entertainers, it is crucial to have a savvy, well-
seasoned team  coordinating and implementing your entertainment relations efforts. All of our
nationally recognized promotions at Caricature Cinema are built on the same foundation:
Innovative campaign strategies, meticulous attention to client needs and creative networking
across the caricaturist media and entertainment industries. Caricature Cinema strives: To
create and implement innovative, user friendly, eye catching design choices for entertainment
seekers including entertainment agencies, private parties, corporate events, and restaurants.
In all entertainment venues to be a leading entertainment media resource of caricaturist,
graphic or illustration information for print, radio, television, Internet and home.
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